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Many planks means many hours of unbridled creativity and design. Enjoy the simple pleasure of exercising your originality with large KEVA planks projects. The 1,000 piece set uses our most premium maple planks to ensure every build has the benefit of precision stacking for years on years. Experience mastery of the wooden medium. Plus, when friends or family visit, you can keep the masses entertained. This set is great for builders who want to make bigger projects, or for several people building at once. You’ll never regret having a huge number of KEVA planks in your home as you build memories for a lifetime.

The joy of a successful new creative project is housed in our DuraFlex wood bin. It is one part container, one part furniture. Made in Virginia with nine layer laminated commercial grade baltic birch; the layers make the wood extra strong and straight. A poly finish brings out the wood grains and ensures durability. A birch lid is available for separate purchase.

Our unique DuraFlex construction uses virtually unbreakable nylon dowels that flex but won’t break. The heavy duty casters are rated for 360 pounds. A full bin weighs 57 pounds. This over-engineering makes the bin incredibly durable. The casters glides smoothly on carpet and hard floors. The bin ships flat; all you need is a screwdriver and hammer for assembly.

The crisp corners of hardwood maple mean you can build precise, beautiful, tall structures for a lifetime without the planks losing any stacking quality. Maple planks are the highest quality building block available. The closed-pore wood keeps fingerprints at bay.

  • - Large, open top makes it easy to toss planks in for cleanup
  • - Easy to roll, even for youngsters
  • - Compact storage for a lot of planks


Your set includes 10 balls for kinetic ball run projects, 4 different laminated idea cards (8.5" x 5.5") with over 100 project ideas, and 2 activity cards with games and open-ended challenges. And of course, the bin and 1,000 perfect planks.

The Birch DuraFlex Bin and Maple KEVA Planks are proudly made in the USA. 




57 lbs.

Ships in two (2) boxes.


17” x 17” x 19.25” with wheels
17" x 17" x 17"  without wheels


What's Included:

1,000 Maple KEVA planks
1 Large Wooden DuraFlex Bin. Requires easy assembly with a hammer and Phillips-head screwdriver.
Heavy duty laminated idea cards, includes 1 card each for Simple Projects, Advanced Projects, Structures, and Kinetics. The heavy duty laminated idea cards are 16 pt for thickness, 2 mil lamination for durability, and rounded corners for safety (8.5" x 5.5"). 
10 KEVA Balls
5 Starter cards for 3D Challenges
2 Reference Cards with open-ended challenges and activities



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1,000 Planks vs. 800 Planks vs. 400 Planks 

Yes, one has 200 more planks, 400 more planks, etc. than the other.

The support materials these sets come with are identical, the biggest difference is the storage container. The wooden rolling bin is the only option for a 1000 piece set. It is the most compact way to store many planks. The 800 piece set has 3 options: canvas bags, plastic tubs, or smaller drawstring bags. 

The more planks you have, you can either build with more people at the same time, or build bigger projects. People will build as long as there are planks available. As a minimum, we recommend 100 planks per person - but don't be fooled into thinking that means this set is for parties of 10. Grown-ups and older kids especially find themselves drawn to having a large stash of KEVA planks. It opens up a world of creating advanced structures that are large and impressive.

So far, nobody has regretted bringing home more planks than they thought they might need. Go big, and bring a bunch of planks home. 

    Educator vs. Designer Products vs. Mindware Products

    Our designer collection is available exclusively on and includes small-run and unique KEVA products. Designer products use the highest quality maple planks which last a lifetime. You could put these in your will if you want. These sets come with storage options made to match your home decor so that you don't get confused into thinking these are made just for kids. These sets come with KEVA balls so you can make traditional structures or ball runs, and the idea cards are laminated for durability. 

    Educator sets are designed for use in classrooms, libraries, museums, and other spaces where they'll be used by many people, especially people who are new to building with planks. These spaces need storage and supporting materials that are more durable than products made for use in a home. With these sets, we send you laminated cards that can be passed around by a larger group, and include ideas for educators on how to make the most of KEVA in your classroom or makerspace.

    The Mindware collection is available on our website or through, an official distributor. 

    Maple vs. Pine

    Designer and Educator sets exclusively come with maple planks. Maple is a hardwood that resists finger oils and can stand up to heavy use over years of play in the home, classrooms, libraries, and museums. Pine is a softer wood, making pine planks better suited for use in homes.

    They have identical dimensions, so you can use them together if you want. They have different densities, so you might notice different balance with tall structures. Maple planks tend to "keep their corners" over time, so you can continue making precise structures and vertical stacks over the long run. 


    We have lots of resources at the ready. Visit our KEVA Resource Center or use the cards included with your set to get started. Check out our blog and YouTube channel for more instructions and how-to's.