Distance Learning Kit: 10x KEVA Maple 20 with Zip Pouch

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This kit comes with 10 sets of the following:

  • - 20 Maple KEVA Planks crafted for precision and durability
  • - Full color 8.5” x 14” Double-sided handout with 20 building prompts
  • - Clear zip-top polybag for easy plank distribution and storage

This kit brings power in a small package. Our distance learning packets are designed for use by after school programs, summer camps, schools, and anyone else tasked with teaching remotely. 

Distance learning doesn’t have to be hands-off. Send a pack home to each of your students and see how much creativity emerges with just 20 KEVA Planks. You’ll be surprised! 

Each set provides your students with 20 building prompts to get them started immediately with their KEVA Planks. The prompts are designed to showcase a wide variety of creative projects that can be done with the 20 planks in their set. The activities touch learning areas such as design, spatial thinking, problem solving, physics, art, math, and engineering. They’ll have screen-free learning with endless possibilities.

For digital face-time during remote learning, these sets give you a way to engage with students in a tangible way. Each student can use their own set while you lead the group in an activity via live or pre-recorded video. We’ll supply you with some ideas to get you started. 

Maple KEVA planks are proudly made in the U.S.A.