The Keva Planks Museum Exhibit

"We have featured Keva twice in our traveling exhibit gallery. Both times was a big hit. Last fall, we decided to give Keva its own gallery for an extended period of time, and I can tell you that it is mighty popular. 

Building with Keva is inspiring, it creates community, and it has a meditative quality."

Erik Schurink | Director of Exhibits | Long Island Children's Museum

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The Top 10 Reasons to Bring KEVA planks to Your Museum


Stealth Learning

As children conceive of a project and strive to build it, they must solve many physics challenges using principles of balance, cantilevers, geometric shapes, optimum proportion, stability and more. They must think in three dimensions while problem solving.  Because they are focused on their project and having so much fun,  they do not even realize how much they are learning.  A typical project is inherently filled with small experiments that slyly transform intangible concepts into working tools of the trade.



From a 5000 foot headline exhibit to a play table in the corner, the KEVA Exhibit can be as large or as small as you choose.   Use it as a secondary exhibit when not headlining…use it for school programs (we provide an excellent curriculum/activity guide)…liven up your fundraising events with building contests…use it for day camps.  You will think of even more ways to use KEVA Planks in your programs.


Easy parent /child interaction

Parents rarely resist the draw of KEVA Planks.  Most parents immediately find themselves on the floor building , playing and collaborating with their children.  Moms, Dads and grandparents find conversation is easy as they discuss building plans,  new ideas,  words of admiration and encouragement.  Working side by side builds relationships.


Artistic Scientists and Scientific Artists

We have blended an art gallery and a science lab to create a beautiful place to design and invent. The KEVA exhibit gently nudges scientific minds toward art and artistic minds toward science.  To complete a sculpture an artist may need to overcome various physics challenges.  The engineer who builds a tall tower may want to explore ways to make it more interesting or attractive.


How do they work?

Every KEVA plank is the same.  No sorting, no glue, no Connectors- just simple stacking.  Children and adults already know how to stack things, so the creativity and experimentation begin with very little instruction.  The simplicity is compelling. 

Spectacular possibilities

How high is your ceiling? The construction and demolition of large structures is always a crowd pleaser.  Tall towers are fun and easy to build. Someone on your staff would love this assignment.  Science World builds a tower to destroy every Saturday.

Expert Staff Training

"Ken brings not only a wealth of knowledge to the training, but a teaching style that is immediately comfortable and engaging.  You can tell that his experiences with the blocks are time tested and thoughtfully picked, and that his passion for what they can teach us is equally extensive.  We would recommend Keva and Ken for any museum not only as an engaging exhibit experience, but also as a team and discovery building workshop. "

Clay Braxton               

Museum of Life and Science



“Just a few more minutes…”

People spend a lot of time in the KEVA Exhibit. Visitors take ownership of their KEVA creations; they often plant themselves in the KEVA room and won’t leave until their masterpiece is complete. An extended period of concentration and total immersion in the activity is the typical experience with KEVA. This sets us apart from most other exhibits- even exhibits costing thousands more.  Our simplicity is truly engaging. 

FREE Exhibit?

Not really, but… The KEVA Exhibit is designed to be purchased at a price that is comparable to many rentals.  After the first showing, all repeat runs can be considered to be free.    The exhibit stows compactly when not in use.  Never again worry about a gap in your schedule or a shortfall in your budget.  You will always be prepared with a top quality exhibit when you need it.    


STEM Every Day

STEM happens every time a child picks up a KEVA plank. As a design emerges from the mind of the builder, he must grapple with balance, structural integrity, symmetry, form and function.  Builders gain a personal understanding of physics as they stack planks.

Video of the KEVA Build It! Topple It! Challenge at Exploration Place on Saturday, January 19, 2013.

                                                 "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

                                          -Leonardo DaVinci