STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

From the simplest counting exercises to the most complex bridge challenges, KEVA can change abstract concepts into tangible form. Children can get a "feel" for numbers and a first hand understanding of the physical forces acting on the planks. The fundamental understanding of number relationships gained by a first grader playing with blocks can benefit him years later in high school calculus.

See STEM in the classroom with Mr. Lane the Science Guy:

"The 7th graders were challenged to build the longest platform off their desks. They were allowed only two official measurements in the twenty minutes they had to build their structures. One group built a platform that measured 62 cm."

What teachers are saying:

"Engaged! Communicating! I heard math talk and saw engineering and creative design!! Loved!" - Ganan F.

"KEVA planks had 3rd graders thinking! #yearntolearn #intensifiedconcentration #futurearchitects #STEAMday" - Nicole P.