Boredom-Proof your Living Room

The simplicity of KEVA Planks means they not only complement any decor, they also complement all manner of interests, ages, abilities, time, and space. I'm not saying we've created a silver bullet, but KEVA planks come pretty close. Every person in your family can play together and have equally as much fun. KEVA planks engage your school-age children in stealth learning, strengthening their will-power and independence, as well as an understanding of physics, design, art, and engineering. Your younger kids practice fine motor control. Grandparents aren't relegated to watching on the sidelines. Young adults have an activity to chat over.

KEVA planks give you hours of quiet creativity or a crowd-pleasing group activity. We are delighted to offer hours of fun for whatever crowd crosses your threshold.

Games & Activities
There's more to KEVA than simple stacking (though that's great, too!). We've curated some guided living room activities that you can use for free.
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A cure for the common question! Answers to "Should I get maple or pine planks?" and "Do you ship internationally?" among other fan favorites.
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Benefits of Blocks
Block play is ridiculously good for you. We've collected the research over the years and it started to add up. This section is for you Wikipedia-rabbit trail chasers who are just too curious.
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From the KEVA Community

Excellent for children's development in about 10 categories

“Inspired and inspiring. Imagination sets the limits. Excellent for children's development in about 10 categories. A great and lasting investment. Adults love these as much as children. Great opportunity for the whole family to do something fun together.”

Dorothea | Parent
Our house is totally the "cool" house

“Bought these for my kiddos. They really enjoy building and creating structures. I love how simple and yet awesome at the same time they are. The blocks sit in a bin in my living room and kids of all ages enjoy building with them. Our house is totally the "cool" house ;)”

Dawna | Parent
Fun for all ages!

“Both of my sons, ages and 15 and 11, love playing with the Keva planks! It is amazing how something so simple, can lead to hours and hours of creative fun for everyone, even the adults have fun playing with these! They are solid wood and very durable. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up buying more for even larger creations!”

Anonymous | Parent

Play with a Purpose


KEVA planks are a tool for repetetive, long term play opportunities. Builders use teamwork as they imagine what world or tower they will construct. Communication is key in order for all parties to be happy with the result. If you work together, you can build a taller tower, balance a delicate cantilever, or accomplish your goals faster. Kids naturally learn the benefits of sharing the workload and the joy of creation with one another.


KEVA planks work as well for 1 player as they do for a big group. Single-player mode encourages problem-solving and independence. Coming up with a unique creation from start to finish is satisfying, motivating, and fosters even more creativity. When working alone, builders have even more room to experiment and explore wild ideas. Learn how to work through failure if your structure crumbles and rebuild it even better!


At KEVA planks, we believe every human has the gift of creativity. It is a muscle you can stretch and grow, but everyone has it. Our blocks have the gift of drawing out strengths people didn't know - or forgot - they have. Building physical structures gives you a tangible way to unlock hidden talents in yourself and anyone who visits your living room. It's a joy and privelege to watch unfold!


There are no shortcuts.

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Building something together will always be a great time. If you're someone who likes a bit more ~structure~ we've got you covered, too. In our KEVA Resouce Center, click "Families" and you'll find prompts, challenge ideas, games, and activites for use in a home setting. Though many KEVA activities are age-agnostic, you can sort by age and various other categories to find something just right for you and your construction crew.
How many blocks do I need? What's the difference between maple and pine? How are you related to Mindware? How does a KEVA tower stay standing with a gaping hole in its side? KEVA Planks purchasers are curious people. Click here to visit the page that has answers to some of life's most perplexing KEVA-related questions.

Ok, this is a long section. There are a lot of benefits. You've made it far enough on the website that we figured you might be the kind of person who wants to know it all, and we love that about you. Some of these comments are KEVA specific; not all blocks have these same benefits.

KEVA structures can be genuine works of art

The maple is quite attractive; just because it is maple. We happen to have a particular fondness for the natural beauty of wood and the unique grain of each piece of wood. If fact, there is a little social lesson here. Most sets contain several planks that are colored differently than most or have a unique grain pattern. Those pieces are often sought for the crowning spire on the tower special places of honor. They are remembered and treasured because of their uniqueness. So the moral of the story is... ...very good.

Better than LEGO®?

We celebrate all blocks, including LEGO, Knex, and Lincoln Logs, but you must do a lot of sorting and careful planning to make your structure fit together. Mostly you follow their plans to duplicate their structure or action figure. With KEVA, we provide you with building tips and some project ideas but we want you to to design and invent your own structures. Then you will have an original masterpiece sitting on your coffee table.

Another issue with many construction sets is that the child spends so much time building the particular project that she is reluctant to disassemble it. So it sits on the shelf and construction ends for a while. KEVA is more like sandcastles. You build it and know it is temporary. Another project is right around the corner. KEVA Destruction is half the fun.

We make artists into scientists and scientists into artists. Both personality types are drawn to the Planks.

Quick cleanup: throw every piece into a single bin. They're all the same!

It's not plastic. It's wood.

We invite you to poke around our website. Wander and learn, then stop by The KEVA Store to buy the most original gift of the year. It is easy to add on to your set, just buy more of the same. No need to buy the Star Wars Anniversary Edition.

Conversation Starter

Verbal skills and communication are enhanced as children construct projects together. Children must discuss their plans for the project and their new ideas as the project unfolds. Many structures follow a repeating pattern that encourages children to work together to make better progress. Any changes to the pattern require communication. Technical and artistic language is needed to build a project together. KevaTalk is a game specifically designed to teach technical communication.

Imagination Grower

Most of the things built with KEVA planks don't quite look like the real thing. Part of the fun, however, is capturing the essence of an object so it becomes obvious what it is. The imagination must fill in all of the gaps. As video games become more realistic and movies improve their special effects the need for imagination with these activities is low. KEVA planks stimulate the imagination. Tall towers, small villages, fenced yards, roads and more all spark the imagination as the scene unfolds.

Imagination is a critical aspect of creative problem solving and abstract thinking. Help your children grow their imaginations.


A simple set of wooden blocks is obviously as far as one can get from high tech electronic gadgets. However, KEVA Planks can be an important stepping stone to computers and technology. Children are playing computer games and learning with computers at very early ages. Computers are a powerful learning tool. But, even the very best 3-D programs are a simulation of real life. If children bypass the step of physically playing with blocks and exploring real 3-D models with their own hands, they will be at a disadvantage. When children go straight to the computer, they miss one of the critical steps in understanding how to compare quantities and analyze three dimensional objects. There is no substitution for walking all the way around a structure to understand it from every angle. If this is started at an early age and in conjunction with computers, the creative and technical potential of children will be maximized.

Team Builder

It doesn't take long to figure out that a tower goes up much faster with an extra set of hands. Many projects require repetition of a pattern. Once the pattern is established all builders know what to do. Leadership and project discussion happens naturally.

Inspire Artists

Many children have not explored their artistic nature. Every child is an artist and will gain pleasure from creating. KEVA provides an easy, non messy way to explore sculpture and design. Display their work of art on the coffee table and you may be surprised by the artistic talents hidden away in your family- children and adults.

Head Start on Calculus

Early exploration with simple blocks builds a subconscious understanding of mathematics and physics. Children learn balance, equality even geometry as they play. By handling the planks, they build a concrete understanding of numbers and how numbers interrelate. Recent studies confirm that children who actively play with blocks do better when they attempt higher mathematics such as algebra and calculus. Parents have been doing well reading to their children to promote verbal skills but many parents have done little to build the foundation for math and science skills. You are doing your child a great service by making Keva Planks available. These planks, along with your encouragement, are significant tools to help build well rounded children. You can expect to see the following benefits as your family explores with KEVA Planks.

Can we have a Family night tonight?

Keva Planks are unique in their appeal to every age. Toddlers, elementary age children, teenagers and adults all build at their own ability level. With a large supply of planks, a family can transform the living room into any world they choose. Villages, horse stables, bridges, rivers, train tracks, sculptures- you cannot run out of possibilities. It is an active, thoughtful activity that the entire family can enjoy. Children are especially inspired when they see their parents on the floor actively creating and imagining with them.