KEVA Planks for High School

High school is an exciting time for learning. Your students are digging deep on their favorite subjects and there's great urgency to finish preparing them for what happens after college, whether that's trade school, college, a job, or a family.

Though some high schoolers may seem checked out and hard to reach, most are hoping to have an engaging teacher like you. We we want to empower you and your students to have an engaging high school experience. 

KEVA Planks are an invaluable tool in the high school classroom. They've been used in graduate-level engineering courses and by architects, they're primed to get your students excited about your subject matter. We believe people never outgrow creativity or the ability to stack things. You'll be surprised and delighted by the ideas your students bring to life with KEVA planks.

Here are some ways teachers have used KEVA planks in their high school classrooms:

- Building vocabulary words in Spanish class

- Use the planks to mock up a cell in biology

- An easily modifiable geometry manipulative

- Available for use in projects related to works of literature

- A warm up activity in art class

- Leave them out in the cafeteria for students to build during lunch

Give middle and high school students a problem solving, creative outlet. KEVA planks can be used as an ice breaker or as a tool for teaching. Provide engineering challenges for your students to complete bridge challenges or demonstrate calculus concepts with a tangible tool. High schoolers respond to active learning.

Not to mention, they're just fun!

Want advice for how to use KEVA in your classroom? First, check out our Resources section for ideas. Want to talk to a human about it? Send an email to Ken Scheel at He's our Chief Education Officer and will gladly set you up with resources.

Students in Sylva, NC use KEVA Planks in their High School Library Makerspace.