KEVA Planks in Makerspaces

--KEVA Planks make an incredible addition to any makerspace. In fact, KEVA planks were ranked as the number 1 tool for Makerspaces by World of Learning-- an honor we've heard over and over from blogs, teachers, librarians, and makers.

What makes KEVA such a fantastic makerspace tool? Here's a start:

KEVA projects and challenges can be done in a few minutes or a few hours with no prep time.

Gone are the days days of stressing over the limited amount of time makers get to spend in the makerspace. KEVA planks were made to fall and create opertunities for numerous iterations and much learning. You can pack a lot of learning into just a few minutes with these blocks, and at the end, you're guaranteed to have made something! That's really the point - get comfortable making things!

KEVA planks store compactly, serve all ages, clean up quickly, and don't have to be restocked. 

You want to spend your time making not managing materials and lamenting your limited storage space. If you have only one activity, make it KEVA. You get a ton of bang for your shelf-space and buck. KEVA planks get dumped into a durable storage bin when not in use, and cleanup involves no residual mess. 2 minutes flat and your makerspace is returned to its former order- whatever that looks like for you (it's ok if it's messy, creativity can be messy).

You also won't need to request funding to refresh your stash each year. KEVA planks are as sustainable as it gets, for the environment and your budget. We'll warn you that building big projects can get addicting: you might want more planks in the future so you can make bigger creations!

No training needed

You don't need to know anything about KEVA Planks to lead KEVA activities. In fact, you hardly need to lead in order to lead KEVA activities - stacking is like a human reflex. Put the blocks in front of your makers, we promise they'll make something. Just let our self directed maker challenges and creative human spirit do the work. 


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