KEVA Planks at Duke University

See the results of the senior project of a Duke University Student, Anamika G.   5000 KEVA planks were left at the University library with simple instructions.  Build anything, take a photo and post the photo on the wall.  The response was amazing.  Nonstop creativity,  local news coverage and and many notes of thanks. KEVA worked it's magic, reducing stress during finals week.

The goal of my capstone project is simple – to help Duke students rediscover a sense of wonder that I feel is essential for true learning and creativity. Below, please find a summarized proposal for my installation, and click on the link for a more detailed description.

For this installation, I plan to provide Duke students with 5000 Keva Planks in a designated area on the first floor of Perkins Library, with which they can build and create. In the building area will be a few original structures that I build, along with many loose planks, to encourage interaction. The space will also have a few Polaroid cameras that will allow students to capture and display images of their work. My hope is that the growing ‘photo wall’ will encourage students to see and be inspired by what their peers have created. By using things from our childhoods such as building blocks and instant cameras, I hope to encourage Duke students to take a break from the demands of university and the work-force, and to once again do something that many of us may not have done since childhood – play. I believe that doing so will help students bring that sense of wonder, that is sometimes only seen in children, to situations and experiences in our adulthoods. I hope to use still photography to document this ‘rediscovery of wonder’.

I will then take the planks and photos (Polaroids and my photography) and create a final exhibit in the Smith Warehouse, to be on display at the end of April. The exhibit will again remind viewers of that wonder that we often lose as we grow older, and will also encourage some engagement with the blocks.

About Anamika

"Hey everyone,

Thanks SO MUCH for your support and enthusiasm with this project. I have met so many new people and had such great conversations this past week. Thanks to you all, this project has surpassed all hopes and expectations I had for it. You all have impressed me with your creativity. Keep building!

I am a Senior Biology Major and Visual Arts Minor at Duke University, hoping to somehow combine art/design with social and community issues and turn it into a ‘career’. Exactly what I’m doing after graduation is yet to be determined. 

Again, thank you all so much. Please contact me at or drop a comment anywhere on this site if you have anything to share. If you haven’t stopped by the installation yet, I hope to see you around in the coming week!


- Anamika"