The KEVA Planks Idea Gallery has images of different structures and projects you could build with KEVA planks. You might be wishing you had step by step instructions or a detailed tutorial for how to build with KEVA, but the beauty of the planks is that they let you build whatever way your imagination (and the limits of physics) lead you. We hope you'll use these pictures to inspire you, and come up with your own changes, additions and improvements to what we've started. That's how innovation happens! 


Truly anything you build with KEVA planks is a sculpture - a form of 3D visual art. This category in the idea gallery includes pieces that with think would fit right in at an art show. They are abstract towers and shapes.

Buildings and Bridges

From castles to outhouses, footbridges to train trestles, here you'll find some structural inspiration. Lean into your inner engineer and find a way to model real life structures on a KEVA sized scale.


In the Objects category we have ideas borrowed from things you encounter in everyday life, such as trees, boats, planes, and furniture. Look around the room you're in - what could you make with KEVA?


Contraptions are KEVA planks projects that move a KEVA ball, ping-pong ball, or other objects kinetically. They often resemble a Rube Goldberg style challenge or a marble run. The goal is to come up with a creative way to get a ball to move through a chute or bounce where you want it to or make a certain noise - or any other variety of goals!

Flat and 2D

This section is a great place to start for beginner builders. Making the shift from 2D to 3D thinking is a challenge. This page eases you into it with some warm ups, making flat designs like patterns, a skeleton, flowers, snowflakes, animals, and faces.

Living Things

The living things category is inspired by nature and animals. These cute critters can be surprisingly advances builds because you need some creativity to get soft and small renderings using hard, square planks. In this section, you'll see how we've done it.