Homeschooling with KEVA

KEVA at California Homeschool Conference (CHN)


"And speaking of things not to forget, a GIGANTIC shipment just
arrived!!!! Ok, I'm more than just a little excited! This shipment
was the 10,000 brand new KEVA planks for Kid Village!

If your kids are coming to the Expo, please be sure to show them what
they have to look forward to! The KEVA planks are the reason that
Kid Village will be open to kids of all ages, from tots to teens to
grandparents! They are an exceptionally enduring toy and ideal
because you buy them once for your young children, play with them as
they grow up, and then play again when the grandkids are born. The
KEVA company is owned by homeschoolers from Virginia. We'll be
using these for years, so if your kids aren't coming to the Expo this
year, they will be there next year too! 

When you're at the Expo, be sure to watch how creative the kids are in
playing with them. I love toys that allow a child to use his
mind! These planks are one of my son's all time favorite toys, and
at 15, he still likes to create structure with them - this is why I'm
so excited to have something of such high quality for our Expo
kids. Planks are almost impossible to find used (I've looked!)
because once you experience them, you won't want to get rid of them!

- Karen T. | CHN Family Expo Conference Coordinator