ELL & Foreign Language

English Language Learners and foreign language classes can use KEVA planks as an easy to adjust hands-on application of language learning. 

The easiest way to learn a new language is through real-life experiences. How do you bring that into a sterile classroom setting? KEVA planks help break down barriers and provide a natural talking point. Students are less intimidated than with more traditional role play which can feel stiff or forced. Instead, use KEVA planks to tell a story. 

One of the biggest impacts KEVA planks can have is producing natural social interactions. Builders are naturally incentivized to speak and interact with each other. Have partners build a structure together or do a challenge in their new language. 

 Another way to use KEVA in a language learning environment is to use them to teach about the culture a language comes from. For example, have students learn about Spanish architecture or Roman aqueducts or quintessential Japanese rooflines. Then have students make structures inspired by what they've researched. Building things cements new information in the brain.

We make it easy to bring hands-on experiences and genuine social interactions to the language learning process.