Although KEVA planks are enjoyed by people of any age, elementary age is probably the best and most important place for KEVA planks in the education of children.

Check out this message we received from a STEAM day camp for girls using KEVA planks in their lesson plans!

"We designed a 6 week STEAM intensive program for girls. This program consisted of computer programming, Lego Robotics, and tinkering in our self-made makerspace. In our program we utilized the Keva Planks. They were a center for design thinking and engineering. The girls each week were given different challenges (please see attached pictures.) Some challenges in particular were a GIANT tower made of almost all of our 10,000 Keva block collection. While others were focused on architectural structures that needed to be stable and have symmetry. And our last challenge was to create a Keva City. The girls could build anything they wanted but it had to have a particular community purpose. They needed to describe what the structure was and who would visit it. Some structures consisted of banks, Dunkin Donuts, pizza parlors, a stadium, schools, libraries, a light house, and a historical site for tourists. We incorporated some simple circuits into the buildings and lit up the city using LED lights and some small hobby motors with battery packs. These challenges inspired deeper thought and meaningful conversation among our girls. They really tap into each child’s unique potential and creativity. The Keva planks are a great exposure to modern architecture and engineering! Who knows maybe they will inspire future careers!”

- Caroleann Del Juidice, Next Level Day Camp for Girls

Amazing Things Happen
In a room full of children and KEVA® Planks, attention spans lengthen, concentration intensifies, creativity is focused, voices are muted, teamwork happens, excitement builds, projects flow, and children yearn to learn.
Why do KEVA® Planks work so well in classrooms and educational settings?

The Benefits of Blocks
Children who play with blocks tend to do better in mathematics and science. Physically handling the blocks builds a fundamental understanding of quantities, equality, geometry, etc. Research is revealing the importance of playing with blocks. The University of Idaho has done some great work in this area. You can read more about the benefits of blocks and find useful tips at their website BlockFest.org or on our page The Benefits of Blocks.

For some kids, hands-on kinesthetic learning is the only way. For all kids, it's the fun way.

Easy Set Up and Clean Up

Set up and clean up are a breeze. Nothing to disconnect or sort. All the pieces are the same, so students can quickly toss the planks into storage containers. A classroom with amazing structures using 6000 planks can be totally picked up in a matter of minutes.

We're Here to Support You

The KEVA® Educator's Manual is loaded with lesson plans and classroom activities. The guide shows you how to add a hands on component to math, science, reading, social studies, etc.

Modular Storage System

Designed with institutional quality storage bins that allow you to distribute planks quickly to many students and clean up just as fast, rhino-tough commercial bins will withstand whatever your students dish out. Store on a shelf, on the floor, divide sets, expand sets - total versatility. This is what teachers have been asking for.