Duke University

For her senior project, a Duke University student put 5000 KEVA planks in the University Library to find out what college students would do with them. The results were amazing. TV news showed up and the spectacular structures kept coming. See the whole story.

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia library has a tradition of putting out some playful stress relievers during finals. When KEVA planks arrived, so did the student's creativity. The display was constantly changing.

Fairfield University

Fairfield University used KEVA Planks as a core component of their Senior Management Thesis course.  “This course has students putting all their management courses to work,” said J. Michael Cavanaugh, Ph.D., associate professor of management, who developed and teaches the class. “It’s about working in a hands-on problem solving environment, and that is what ‘doing’ business is all about. It’s also about students engaging as active learners.” See the whole story.