Art Museums

The KEVA planks Gallery of Art

A Beautiful Sculpture Exhibit with Visitor Participation

Coming to the Taubman in 2014, Roanoke, Virginia


When children and families visit your museum, are they fully engaged?    KEVA planks can add a hands on, interactive experience to your art museum.  

Look or Do

From a single plank... infinite possibilities.   The KEVA planks Gallery includes dozens of sculptures created exclusively with KEVA planks in  designs using no glue.   However,  the sculptures displayed in the exhibit are glued for easy transport and display.   The exhibit can be displayed as a traditional gallery to observe, or as an interactive gallery.  Patrons can construct their own temporary works of art with loose planks to add to the display. 

Sculpture Anytime, Anywhere

Do sculpture anytime, anywhere.  If your museum offers art classes or creative activities, KEVA planks can add a new dimension.  KEVA planks are a simple, reusable, engaging, mess free,  quick clean-up sculpture medium.  Adults enjoy the activity as much as children so you can please the entire family at the same time.

To learn more about the KEVA planks Museum Exhibit, click here.