From the creators of KEVA: 4-PLE The Game

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4-PLE (pronounced "four-pull") isn't just another game to be forgotten in the closet - it is your go-to activity for almost any guest. Rules are quick and simple so the fun starts immediately. The beautiful birch game pieces are intentionally designed so they are pleasing to stack and look good in any living room. 


Rule #1:  Get 4 in a row up, across or diagonally.

That’s all - the shortest rule book in history. Start playing.


1 - 18 x 8 x .25 inch double-sided playing surface

48 - wooden playing pieces

Instruction booklet


4-PLE was invented by the founder of KEVA Planks, Ken Scheel, after identifying a desire for a simple, beautiful tabletop game to use as an icebreaker with people who prefer games with easy to understand rules. It combines many of the characteristics loved by fans of KEVA planks, such as high quality wooden pieces, low tech brainwork, and inclusive play.

4-PLE was originally launched on Kickstarter as "Fourple" and is available for purchase here through,, and

Kickstarter Video:


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