Volume (or KEVA³)

OBJECTIVE: Students will calculate the volumes of objects constructed with KEVA planks.


  • 50 planks per student or small group
  • KEVA³ Template per student or group


  1. Discuss the concept of volume being the amount of space inside an object (e.g., how much sand would fill it up?)

  2. “Today we will be measuring with a unit of measurement that is uniform but not the standard, such as a pint or liter. We will be using a KEVA length as our unit. A cube that is 1 KEVA length on each side would be 1 cubic KEVA.”

  3. Have the students construct a cube out of KEVA planks having a volume of 1 KEVA³. Note that 5 KEVA stacked on edge = 1 KEVA length and that 3 KEVA thicknesses = 1 KEVA width. Consequently, the cube can be constructed in a number of ways.

  4. Next, have the students construct a KEVA figure having a volume of 2 KEVA³. Note that there are many ways to accomplish this. Some structures can be very tall; some can be low and long.

  5. Write the formula for the volume of a rectangular box on the board:

    V = Length x Width x Height

  6. Have the students construct rectangular boxes for their neighbors to calculate the volume.



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