The Battle of Yorktown

Objective: Students will demonstrate the British defeat at Yorktown using KEVA planks. 


  • 1,000 planks per group 


  1. After a study of the British defeat at Yorktown in 1781, tell the class that they will be making a representation of the battle. 
  2. Divide the class into five groups: 
  • The British land forces led by Cornwallis 
  • The British Navy
  • The American land forces led by General Washington 
  • The French land forces led by Lafayette
  • The French Navy 
  1. On the floor of your classroom, use masking tape to mark off a rough approximation of the Yorktown Peninsula. 
  2. Have each group study the map and decide where to place their troops or ships. Each group will decide how to represent their troops. Tents, cannons, individual soldiers, bunkers and ships can all be represented by KEVA planks. Each group can also label their site with a small flag or just the name of the army. 
  3. After students have re-created the site, have each group report to the class the roles of their particular military forces in the outcome of the war. 

Language Extension: Have each student write a journal entry from a soldier in their particular regiment from a day of the battle.

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