Subtracting with KEVA®

OBJECTIVE: Students will use KEVA planks as a manipulative to illustrate subtraction problems.



  1. Have students grab a large handful of planks from the bin. If you wish to use larger

    numbers, have them grab two handfuls. Your goal is to distribute random amounts

    between 10 and 20 planks per child.

  2. Have each student fill in the numeric value of their planks on their paper in the

    first column.

  3. Now tell the class that you are the KEVA Bandit (or the KEVA Taxman, or the KEVA

    Gobbling Monster). You will be coming around and collecting a certain number of planks. Show the class how many planks you will be collecting. Have them write this amount on their paper after the minus sign and place that amount of planks on their desk so you can grab it. You may assign KEVA Bandit helpers if you wish.

  4. Now tell the class to count the amount they have left. Have them write the numeral in the answer place on their worksheet.

  5. Repeat steps 1–4 above with a new KEVA collection amount.

BUILDING EXTENSION: The KEVA Bandit and helpers can build a tower with the planks they steal.


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