Reasonable Guess of Magnitude

OBJECTIVE: Students will build structures involving varying quantities in the ones, tens and hundreds places.


  • 1,000 planks per student or small group
  • Index cards


1. On index cards write the three numbers to be used. One card should have 1, 10 and 100; the next card should read 2, 20 and 200; and so on.

2. Have the students choose one card and count out the appropriate number of planks for each of their three structures. Students can build anything they would like with the correct number of planks in each structure.

3. Students can now label their structures by folding an index card in half and writing the correct number on the card. The label should be placed in front of each structure so that throughout the day classmates can view the structures along with the labels.

4. Another option would be for the three structures to remain unlabeled, and classmates could guess which is made of ones, which is made of tens and which is made of hundreds of KEVA planks.

5. The next group to build can put away the planks for the first group before they begin step number 2.

BULLETIN BOARD IDEA: Take pictures of the structures and post them on a bulletin board. Divide your bulletin board into three sections labeled ones, tens and hundreds.


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