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OBJECTIVE: Students will explore how different people groups use different materials to build their dwellings based on their climate and natural resources.



  1. Discuss with the students how different people groups use different natural resources to make their dwellings. Solicit responses from students and compile a list. For example: Sioux — tepee, Inuit — igloo, Powhatans — longhouses, Zunis — pueblos, American pioneers — log cabins, and southern plantations — brick mansions.

  2. Ask the class, “Why were different materials used?” From their answers emphasize natural resources [they used what was available] and habitat [they made homes to protect them from their environment].

  3. As a research project, have students find one people group with a unique type of dwelling. Have students draw or bring a picture of a dwelling along with a written description of the dwelling, habitat and people group.

  4. Building Day: Tell the class that they are going to form small groups that will become a new people group. They will need to come up with a name for themselves and a type of dwelling. They will choose a habitat card, which will tell them their particular habitat.

  5. Place the KEVA planks in the center of the room and ask the class what natural resources they have. [KEVA]

  6. Allow time for the students to build small-scale replicas of their dwellings.

  7. Have the groups present their dwelling to the class orally or by writing a travel brochure describing their habitat, people and dwellings.



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