Measuring with KEVA® for Older Students

OBJECTIVE: Students will use the length-to-width ratios of KEVA planks to determine the heights of their towers.


  • 50-100 planks per student

NOTE: KEVA planks are constructed so that 3 KEVA thicknesses equal the width of 1 KEVA, and 5 KEVA widths equal the length of 1 KEVA.


  1. Have students attempt to determine the above-mentioned relationships between KEVA planks for themselves.

  2. Have the class build towers of varying heights.

  3. Using what they have discovered about the ratio relationship of the KEVA planks, the students should now be able to determine the exact height of their towers expressed in KEVA units of height. You may want to determine as a class whether you will record your answers in KEVA heights, thicknesses or widths; or, you may want to allow the students to choose any of these three options.

  4. After the height of the towers has been calculated in terms of KEVA, the class can convert their measurements to English or metric units by measuring the dimensions of 1 KEVA plank and multiplying.

MATH EXTENSION: Make this an estimation activity by having students estimate the height of their classmates’ towers.



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