KEVA® Curriculum

Aside from the benefits of building creatively, KEVA planks are also a great tool for meeting specific educational goals. In social studies, building activities can be tailored to match the culture or society that you are studying. The uniformity of the planks lends itself to numerous math and science applications. The versatility of KEVA planks makes them an ideal tool for imaginative activities in art and language arts. KEVA planks gently nudge artistic minds toward science and motivates scientific, mathematically minded students to think more artistically.
These lesson plans and activities were developed during the course of conducting workshops in schools, children’s museums and science museums. These sessions are designed to transform a wide variety of topics into kinesthetic learning adventures. Each lesson plan was written to support the particular learning objectives of the teacher.
The lessons in this book are arranged in order of increasing complexity for each section. However, many of the ideas presented throughout can be modified in part or in whole to use for younger or older students. We hope you will enjoy the activities in this book. We know you will find KEVA planks to be a wonderful addition to your classroom.

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