KEVA® Sculpture Garden

OBJECTIVE: Students will create temporary 3D art with KEVA planks.


  • 100-200 planks per student


  1. Discuss with the class the concept of three-dimensional construction. Students should note that all sides of the piece will be visible. The viewer will be able to walk around the piece to see it from all angles.

  2. Also discuss the concept of temporary art (for example, sandcastles, birthday cakes, Christmas trees, light shows, flower arrangements).

  3. Have students create their own structures. You may have a completely open- ended assignment, which would include abstract as well as realistic themes. Or, you may want to limit the building to a specific theme such as nature, animals or buildings.

  4. After students are finished, conduct a stroll-through tour of the sculpture garden you have created. Have each child tell about his or her piece.



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