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OBJECTIVE: Students will create a town with KEVA planks and write newspaper articles about events that occur in their town.



  1. Tell the class that they will be building a small town in their classroom.

  2. Brainstorm with the class a list of buildings that they will need in their town.

  3. Have the students build individually or in small groups. For a well-organized town, have students choose a building from the list. They can check each building off as it is built.

  4. Once the town is finished, have the class use the “KEVA People” handout to create people for the town. Again, you can brainstorm with the class a list of occupations for the town. Have students check off the occupations as they make each person and add it to their town.

  5. Once the town is populated, the class is ready to create a town newspaper. Talk to students about possibilities for articles. For example: Fireman Rescues Lady from Burning Apartment, Bank Is Robbed in Broad Daylight, Young Boy Finds Rare Coin, Doctors Save Lives with a New Operation, etc.

LANGUAGE EXTENSION: Have students write the articles and design and print the newspaper for their new town.



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