KEVA® Geography

OBJECTIVE: Students will construct a map of the world using KEVA planks.


  • 200-300 planks per continent


  1. You will need a large space, such as a gym floor, to make your map.

  2. Assign each group one of the seven continents. Provide students with world maps to use as reference guides.

  3. Agree as a class the relative position of each of the continents. These positions can be marked with an “x” of masking tape.

  4. As students build, the teacher can make suggestions to enlarge or diminish the size of the continents to keep their sizes relatively proportional.

  5. By laying planks flat and overlapping the planks, students will be able to achieve the curves needed to form the continents.

  6. Each group should label their continent and surrounding oceans. You can also use KEVA planks laid flat or on edge to show the major rivers on each continent.



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