KEVA® Economics

OBJECTIVE: Students will explore the difference between human resources and natural resources.


  • 50-100 planks per student or small group


  1. Be sure each child or small group gets an equal number of planks with which to work.

  2. Introduce the terms “natural resources” and “human resources.”

  3. Have each child or group build a structure. You could allow any type of structure to be built, or you could specify towers, animals, vehicles or abstracts.

  4. After building is completed, walk around the room and compare structures. Some are tall. Some are wide. Some are curvy. Some are straight. What made the difference? [Human resources.] What was the same? [Natural resources.]

BUILDING EXTENSION: You could extend this lesson over several days by varying the amount of planks each group gets or the number of workers in each group. This would allow for illustrations of scarcity to occur. Larger structures will be built by the groups with more workers and those with more KEVA planks. Discuss with the class the concept of scarcity of human resources and the scarcity of natural resources.

LANGUAGE EXTENSION: Have students write a brief explanation of why workers are important and why natural resources are important.



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