KEVA® International Architecture

OBJECTIVE: Students will explore and re-create various architectural styles using KEVA planks.


  • 100-200 planks


  1. Have students research different types of architecture and bring in pictures from magazines, the Internet or their own sketches. Examples: Roman Colosseum, Egyptian pyramids, Japanese pagodas, alpine chalets, log cabins, skyscrapers, cathedrals, castles, buildings from the Baroque and Palladium periods.

  2. Discuss how habitat, technology, culture and use of the building affect the overall design of a building. Also discuss how styles change in architecture just as in clothing.

  3. Have each student create a structure using KEVA planks that represents a particular style or period.

BUILDING EXTENSION: Advanced students could research the history of architecture and, as a group, create a 3D timeline with representations of major styles.



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