Graphing with KEVA®

OBJECTIVE: Using KEVA planks as counting pieces, students will collect data and construct simple graphs.


  • Up to 15 planks per child
  • Data sheet for each child
  • Bar graph for each child
  • Graph paper for each child


  1. Have each student grab handfuls (using both hands) of planks from the bin (anything between 1–15 per child—you want random amounts distributed to each child).

  2. Provide each student with a data sheet. Have each child count out the number of planks in his handful and write the number on his data sheet.

  3. Have each child ask five other children to write their name and number of planks on his sheet.

  4. Next, have students transfer their data to a bar graph.

  5. Make a classroom chart with each child’s name and number of planks. Discuss the highest amount, the lowest amount and the amount seen most often.

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