Geometric Shapes with KEVA®

OBJECTIVE: Students will use KEVA planks to construct regular triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons and octagons.



  1. Discuss the concept of a KEVA plank being a uniform unit.

  2. Discuss the concept of a closed figure.

  3. As a class, have each student construct closed figures using KEVA planks. Build on the flat sides or the edges; the figure will be the space enclosed inside the KEVA planks. As you call out the name of each closed figure and the number of sides, draw a picture on the board and write the name beside it to reinforce the concept, or provide a handout with figure names and pictures. As you call out each figure, have the students construct that figure using their planks.

  4. Have the students write the name of each figure on a slip of paper that has a “ ? ” written on the back.

  5. Have each student select a closed figure to build using planks and place its name on their desks, “ ? ” side up. Next, have each student go to another student’s desk and make a guess about the name of the figure. Turn the slip over to see if they are correct. Repeat. Allow students to use the chart on the board or their answer sheets to check themselves.

BUILDING EXTENSION: For a fun closing activity, have each student build a tower with its base being one of the closed figures.



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