Comparing with KEVA®

OBJECTIVE: Students will use one-to-one correspondence to determine “more,” “fewer” and “same.”


  • 15+ KEVA Planks 


  1. Before class, distribute a handful of planks to each student’s container. Be sure that

    the number of planks in each container varies. The amount you place in the containers depends on how high you want your class to count.

  2. Pass out containers, and have each student count out their planks.

  3. Explain to the class that today you will be comparing KEVA plank numbers to determine who has more, fewer or an equal amount. Give the class examples of more, fewer and equal amounts. Be sure the class understands that this is not a contest and having more does not mean that you win.

  4. Have each student find a partner and stack his or her planks side by side, being sure to keep each child’s planks separate. Ask the students with fewer planks to stand, then those with more, then those with equal amounts.

  5. Each child should return his or her planks to the container and repeat the exercise with a new partner. Repeat as often as time allows.

MATH EXTENSION: Introduce greater than, less than and equal signs. Have each child make the three signs on blank cards. The sign, along with the words “less than” and “greater than,” will help students not to confuse the two. As students stand, they can hold up the appropriate sign.


  1. Have each student keep his or her planks in his container. Divide the class into two

    or three small groups.

  2. Demonstrate to the class how to build a simple square tower using the side construc-

    tion. Begin with two parallel planks. The next rows should be two more planks per-

    pendicular to the first row.

  3. Call students one at a time to add their planks to each of the towers. Towers can be

    built simultaneously.

  4. Compare the towers by measuring with a metric stick, yardstick, or a KEVA stick (see

    Measuring Perimeter with KEVA, page 1.10). You may also compare the towers by holding a straight edge from one tower to the other. Discuss which tower has more, fewer or equal amounts.


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