Build a KEVA® World

OBJECTIVE: Students will work together as a group to create their own world.


  • 50-200 planks per child


  1. Tell the class that they will be creating their own world. (This lesson can be adapted to fit a unit about a country, city, farm, village, island, etc.)

  2. Ask the class to suggest things they will need to fill their world. Be sure that items are listed for the following categories: Transportation, Dwellings, Businesses, Artwork, Natural Resources, Public Services.

  3. When you are ready to begin building, have the students clear a large space on the floor. Have each child choose 5 KEVA planks and form one zigzag line through the center of the building space.

  4. Tell the students that the space on one side of the zigzag line will be land, and the other side will be water. Rivers can be added to extend the water into the land and islands can be built in the sea. Assign students to build on either side. Students can move to the opposite area after they have built one thing on the side they begin with.

  5. Students can build whatever they desire, or you can have them choose from a list of items that the class has brainstormed.

  6. Students can build independently or in small groups. Allow the students to build for 45 to 60 minutes.

  7. Call time, and have students step out and look at the world they have created.

  8. Emphasize that by working together they have created a world of their own.

LANGUAGE EXTENSION: Have students write a paragraph about what they built and why it was important to the world. Have each student tell the class what they built and why it is important to the world.



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