All-Purpose KEVA® Lesson Plan for Art

  1. Introduce the general art topic. For example: What is minimalist art?

  2. Issue the challenge or parameters. Most are very simple instructions with an unlimited number of possible responses.

  3. Allow sculpting time. (Suggested time varies according to the number of planks available.)

  4. Lead students through observations of sculptures. See the discussion questions below.

  5. All planks are the same, so all planks go into the same containers. Cleanup usually takes not more than 4 minutes with all students helping—even with 5,000 planks.


As you conclude your building sessions with KEVA planks, you may wish to use some of these suggested discussion points to foster critical thinking and to encourage creativity in your students.

  • Always take the time to observe and consider the work of the other artists.
  • Notice new techniques.
  • Notice the effects of patterns.
  • Notice difficult balance accomplishments.
  • Challenge student to express an encouraging thought about each sculpture. 
  • Encourage students to name their sculpture and explain their name.
  • Ask students to consider what they may try differently next time.
  • Discuss the value of creativity.
  • Discuss how sculpture can be used to express emotion.
  • Challenge the students to discover what emotions sculptures evoke.
  • Discuss the value of sculpture to the sculptor and observer.



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