Adding with KEVA®

OBJECTIVE: Students will use KEVA planks as a manipulative to illustrate addition problems.



1. Demonstrate the concept of pulling out one handful of planks, counting your planks and writing the numeric value on your paper in the first column. One handful will ensure a value of less than 10. Make a small stack with your handful of planks.

2. Make an addition symbol (+) out of planks to the right of your stack.

3. Grab another handful of planks. Count out its numeric value and write this on your paper. Place this handful of planks on the other side of your + sign.

4. Make an equal sign (=) out of planks and place it to the right of this second stack.

5. Count all your planks together. Write this number on your paper. Count out that many planks and place this stack on the other side of your equal sign.

6. Repeat steps 1–5 above with varying numbers of planks added together.


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